Ghost in the Shell - Environments

Jamir blanco 002

Foreground Left Building Modeling and Texturing

Jamir blanco 4

Some Setdress Prop Modeling and Texturing, Corrugated Metal Roofing Model and Texture

Jamir blanco 001

Some Setdress Prop Modeling and Texturing (Scattered Across Rooftops)

Jamir blanco reveal 03

CG Rubble and Broken Pillars Full Modeling

Jamir blanco reveal 07

CG Background Environment Modeling (Rubble and Debris)

Jamir blanco reveal 06

Foreground CG Structure and Background Environment Modeling

Here are some more environments I got the chance to work on for Ghost in the Shell! For city building, base modeling was done in Maya using photo-modeling techniques, then hi-res textures projected in Mari. For environment destruction I received base geo from layout and hand-sculpted everything in ZBrush.

Huge thanks to everyone at MPC!

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