San Manuel Commercial

Jamir blanco stepsend

Modeling and early look dev of full cg environmnt.

Jamir blanco steps lookdev02


Jamir blanco steps lookdev01 hd

Modeling / Texturing

Jamir blanco steps lookdev 04

Cliff Steps prop

Jamir blanco final

Modeling / Scene Assembly

Jamir blanco envmodel

Environment Grayscale

Jamir blanco jump

Environment Modeling / Look Dev

Jamir blanco jump lookdev01

Modeling / Texturing / Look Dev

Jamir blanco islandrock model

Hero Cliff Sculpt and material reference to later be applied.

Jamir blanco islandrock

Environment Modeling / Look Dev

[Commercial] San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino - Double Down on Adrenaline

Responsible for modeling and assembling CG environments for this commercial.