Film Showreel

Shot Breakdown


Full Modeling, Texturing, Lookdev, Lighting, and Rendering of CG ceilings mimicking look and feel of existing set.

I also lit the CG ceilings to match existing set, and animated CG muzzle flashes to ensure realistic lighting and reflections when live-action flashes appeared.

Full Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Lookdev, and Rendering of Full CG Set Extension.

CG Set was passed along to be used and rendered for other shots within the same setting needing a set extension.

Texturing, Lookdev, Lighting, and Rendering of CG Cables.

Modeling & Texturing Blue Sofa Props, Corrugated Metal Roofing.

In charge of modeling full CG Room and Tanks.

Full Modeling, Texturing, and Lookdev of all signs and billboards.

Full texturing of building at ground-level.

Texturing and Lookdev Signs and Billboards on right building.

Full Texturing and Lookdev of CG Streetlights.

In charge of Modeling / Sculpting the majority of the war-torn environment assets for this sequence. This included The piles of rubble, debris, and 3 of 4 buildings. I also partially sculpted the foreground vehicle to the right, creating its destroyed state.

Modeling / Sculpting of destroyed broken pillars

Foreground CG Environment modeling, rubble and debris scattered throughout, as well as responsible for background environment modeling.

Full Background Environment Modeling.

Here I was responsible for full Modeling / Sculpting two of three buildings, hanging tarps, and background environment destruction.

Full Building Modeling / Sculpting, helped create destroyed pieces of rubble hanging from architecture.

Full Modeling of Foreground Destruction Pieces to the right.

Full Modeling and Sculpting of Foreground CG Set pieces.

In charge of full CG Set Destruction Modeling / Sculpting for this sequence. This includes the Environment in the Foreground, all the way to the Background.

Responsible for the full Modeling, Texturing, and Matte Projection for one of the CG Buildings in this Full CG sequence (Midground).

In this Grayscale render, you can see the building I created in the midground to the right (One with the Japanese Text / Logo on the Front-Top of the Building).

Closer look at the building I was in charge of, as it passes by camera (Foreground, Right).